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Almost back to normal Covid passes obligatory masks...our exams are currently being run in normal conditions!!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

New regulations for Cambridge exams in the Valais Centre following the Swiss Government decisions on 16.02.2022

No COVID pass is necessary.

We will adhere to the rules within the school where your exam takes place.

We will inform you one week before if there is any important information for this.

You may wear a mask at any time if you prefer.

If you are tested postive, stay at home . Your medical certificate will validate your entry for another exam in the next 15 months in the VALAIS centre. Check out the website for all dates.

Keep studying hard and we sincerely look

forward to seeing you soon!

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2022 New regulations regarding watches and wearable technology.

All watches will be treated as electronic items and are banned from the exam room. Candidates must either leave them at home, or hand them in with their mobile phones.

Wearable technology is now included with unauthorised electronic items.

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